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тнìs ìs тнe uяbαи тяuтн [entries|friends|calendar]
εиνіεd ಌ ℓovε

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[Sep 24th, 2005]

MOVED  enviedlove


add me there if you'd like.


[Jul 23rd, 2005]
MYSPACE.  add me if you have myspace !

[Jul 7th, 2005]
i'm back at GJ. hit me up there; enviedlove

[Jul 2nd, 2005]
changed the layout.

2 entries less than 2 hours apart. SO what. [Jul 1st, 2005]

post this in your live journal in a public post with anonymous comments turned on. anyone who reads this should comment anonymously with answers to the survey. please by VERY honest! you're anonymous, so it's not like i can find out what you said!

click it bitchesCollapse )

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[Jun 17th, 2005]
new colors !
5 post

[Apr 30th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]


I'll add you if:
x. you type like you know something, not l1K3 D1Sz
x. you comment on most of my entries
x. you updated your own journal at least 3/4 times a week
x. you have at least 1 thinq in common
x. you add me first and then comment tellinq me you've added me

I won't add you if:
x. you type like you don't know anythinq
x. you don't update ever
x. don't comment
x. just update with those dumb quizes
x. has nothinq in common

Limit 50
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