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тнìs ìs тнe uяbαи тяuтн

εиνіεd ಌ ℓovε

ashley aka trice . 17 years on feb. 11th, yes sir, i'm ya typical aquarius . illegal & still tippin with the OG's . ViRGiNiA --where we don't sleep we rest one eye up. Portsmouth to be exact, the home where the hustler's roam . chillin type kidd . married to the hustle, $$$'s what i'm about . run ya pockets bitch . cocky? na', i'm just feelin myself . shorty's like me bred nothing but envy sole efficient --shoe game so serious. not for the fame, for the love of the shoe. i'm so flossy, bitch get off me -- you can't get shit up off me! hair stay tight, acrylics looking right. a lyrical genius in the making doggz. always poppin tags, because that's what name-brand bitchs do. enough attitude for all of us and thensome. infatuated with the great J Hova and entire rocafella team. i'm rich bitch! hoodrich that is. thuggin with FPN till the casket dips, we doper than the average kids. i'ma hustler, nigga i'll sell you a dream.